Indigo Apparel & Accessories

A clothing boutique in the historic shoppes of Avondale featuring women’s clothing, accessories & handbags.

“Over the past twenty years I’ve seen much of the world traveling with my husband who was in the military. For me it lead to a series of part time, volunteer, and other short term endeavors. Starting our Navy journey together in Jacksonville, FL, we always hoped we would make it back, which we did as Scott’s military career came to a close.


Settling into Avondale, one of the great neighborhoods in Jacksonville, I started the next chapter of my life working in a nearby boutique. I loved the interaction with the clients and when the opportunity came to open my own shop, Indigo came to life.


In our small brick and mortar shop we strive to provide exceptional service to our diverse clientele from the local community and beyond. Our desire is to bring the same boutique level of service to those who find us on the web. Shop, enjoy and stop by when you are in the neighborhood.”


~ Caroline