Make A Donation

What are the benefits of donating to your neighborhood?

  • Contribute to neighborhood vitality
  • Enhance your sense of belonging
  • Increase your social involvement
  • Build local connections
  • Collaborate with your community
  • Receive recognition as a supporter
  • Qualify for tax deductions

Or, if you’d rather donate in a different way, please consider volunteering or buying something to help enhance our monthly events!

And a HUGE thank you to our current sponsors!

Neena Corbin
Kimberly Barry
Harrison & Veronica Frazier
Steve & Missy Kampmeyer
Adrian Gregory
Pam Ingram

Jacklyn C Johnson
Bryan & Laura Lakey
Gary McCalla
Jean T Manz
Virginia & Thad McNaulty
Joanna Pajcic

Kenston & Shelba Powell
Ken & Angie Pablo
Jane & Mark Riechmann
Susan S. Sumner
Dennis Whittle